Why use this app

How it works

The app provides nonbinding arbitration in a virtual courthouse. The plaintiff and defendant each select six jurors. Present your case, argument and evidence, and let the jury decide.

Dispute Resolution

Settle arguments and resolve conflicts, claims over money, contracts or other issues. Cases large or small, settle them in the Jury App.


Present evidence and pertinent information. Give arguments for your case within a time-frame and let the jury decide on the case.

Virtual Jury

Let your peers be your jury in your virtual court case. Plaintiff and defendant can each randomly select six jurors to avoid bias. Jurors will hear your arguments, discuss and decide on a verdict.

Let the jury help settle your disputes.

Settle arguments, claims and disputes in a virtual courthouse with a real jury. Download the Jury App today.

Let’s Check

My Cases

Access all your ongoing and past cases. You can either be Plaintiff, Defendant or Juror on the cases.

All Cases

View all ongoing and past public cases in the app.


View the status of invitations you sent as plaintiff to jurors. Respond to invitations to be a juror on cases.


Keep abreast of all the happenings in your account. View all your notifications here.

My Profile

Manage your app profile, including your name and image.


Personalize app settings for ease-of-use.

Why use this app

App Overview

Take conflict resolution, negotiations and settlements out of the courthouse with the Jury App. The app lets you nominate a jury to virtually litigate on your disputes. Present evidence and arguments to get a fair, nonbinding verdict from the chosen or randomized jury, rather than filing a lawsuit.

From contract negotiations to disagreements over where to go for dinner and monetary claims, let the Jury App help your case.

Get a settlement for arguments, legal matters and any other issues you may have. Dispute resolution does not always need to involve lawyers and a court room; you can settle cases out of court with the help of the Jury App.